Welcome to my Atari system 1 games page. I've just finished moving the page here due to lack of space at its old location. Atari's idea behind the system 1 arcade games was simple: fast and easy game convertibility. This was ideal for operators because all they needed to do to have a new game was swap the control panel, a ROM cartridge, and marquee. All the other hardware was the same for all the five games created for the system 1 between 1984 and 1987. I started this page because I collect/repair stand up arcade games and there wasn't much information about my favorite arcade games. This page is continuously getting updated when time permits. I just added screen shots for all of the games. A technical/ troubleshooting section will be here shortly. Also I'm still looking for a Peter Packrat control panel because mine is totally beat to hell. So, if you have one let me know. There are links here now for all of the System 1 ROM images except Roadblasters. I will try to have the Roadblasters ones available here as soon as I can.


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Arcade Games I Currently Own (VAPS)
What a System 1 Cabinet Looks Like

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K3's Classic Arcade Games

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